The importance of correct birth time & Shee

The importance of correct birth time and Shri Arvind Kejriwalji becoming Delhi CM

(D-60 Or Shastiamsha or 1/60th part of the basic chart)

By Shankar Hegde written on 10 Feb 2015

First of all let me once again clearly say that, I have almost stopped giving political predictions openly because I have big clients in many political parties and such open predictions may impact my income through them. Secondly, there is no system in astrology to predict winning seats by political parties. Mostly checking all verified charts of all contestants is the only way to predict seats to a very good extent which is almost impossible for the time being. As I had posted on social media “I Had lost faith in foundation charts of political parties” proved correct again in my case. Mostly others who use such charts will listen to my words further.

I had Shree Arvindji’s chart and I had given a successful prediction about him. So it was verified by me properly. Few weeks back Deepak Bisariaji asked me to analyse Smt. Kiran Bediji’s chart. He told that details are given in a book written by students of Shree KNRji and he gave the birth data to me on phone. Next day I checked the chart by analyzing her past incidents using Wikipedia etc and felt the chart is correct up to D-60. I gave some quick observations with respect to Dasha scheme, Gochara+ashtaka varga and Bhrigu Chakra Paddati on phone to very few friends of  mine including Sachin Mallhotraji who too had correctly analysed Arvindji becoming CM.


Kejriwalji clearly had the effect of 11th house and Lord of that as per BCP. To add few more things, Saturn the 3rd Level Dasha lord is in 11th in D-60 being yoga Karaka! As I always say D-60 is capable of dominating all other divisional charts apart from Rashi Kundali, proved correct again. In D-1, D-9 and D-10 Saturn the Pratyantara lord is debilitated but D-60 clearly rejected the effects of all those charts. As per Bhrigu Chakra Paddati , In D-60, 11th house from Libra Lagna is Leo and Lord of Leo is in 11th from Leo in D-60 in his chart. (How to apply Effects of Running progressed year in divisional charts with respect to Bhrigu Chakra Paddati is my own research). At least now other astrologers should understand the importance of D-60 (Shastiamsha) and correctness of birth time up to D-60. The D-60 showed a clear victory and becoming CM for Arvindji. In Kiran Bediji’s chart, 6th house becomes Dhanu (Sagi) and Lord of Dhanu occupies 6th from Dhanu and afflicted. So PD Lord Saturn failed to give victory being exalted in 11th from 6th . Like that other facts can also be discussed. The path Kejriwalji has to walk will not be easy. I will write about it in epanditji when my mood permits.


I hope visitors of epanditji can understand the importance of the option birth time rectification given by us.

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