Rare predictive methods & Case studies

Rare predictive methods & Case studies


Shankar G Hegde

Case No 2:


Male: 05-Feb-1958, 05:03 AM, Mumbai
Predict about his (a) Education and (b) Nature of profession.

Result of Case study-2:

(1) He is a science graduate (B.Sc).

(2) He has a big business empire of several thousand crores in Indian Rupees. Initially, he was in family business and now he has his own business empire. He has more than 6 types of business. Mainly he is in garment exports and in a business related to fast moving consumer products.

Tips for predictions:

Look at the Dharma-Karmadhipati Sangama Yoga in D-1 (Combo of 9th & 10th lords). It is repeated in d-60 making it even better as it becomes Sreenatha Yoga!!! (the exalted 7th lord must be in 10th with 9th lord to make this yoga which makes the person extremely lucky & makes him a highly spiritual person). He is really a Dharmatma! (A blessed soul as he donates like anything). When you find a specific yoga in D-1, check whether almost same kind of yoga repeats in any divisional chart and predict the result with utmost confidence! All participants were pretty close!

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Answers by Participants
EDUCATION- The education of the native is moderate because of the following reasons. A)IN D-1 CHART the 4th house lord jupiter in 11th in RA/KE axis, and in 5th house it is occupied by KE. B)In d-24 chart the 4th and 5th house lord are not well placed. C) in D-60 chart for capricorn ascendent KE is placed in 4th house. PROFESSION- A) food business B) Money lending business. Reason the ascendent lord jupiter in 11th house,and 10th and 9th lord mercury in 2nd house.
Education related to technical like engineering mathematics etc......native should be a bussiness man. Bussiness can be related to metal related ,hardware, factory etc It can be possible some distrbnce in education 5L in lagna but in pap kartari yoga , LL nd natural karak jup in rahu ketu axis aspected by satn mars in d9 , 5 h of d9 has rahu which is aspected by 8th L mars ,12th L sun....9 h aspected by 6 th Lsat ,9L venus in 8th h....In SAV aries only 20 points..In d24 LL sun in 8 th h rahu
- Ashish Bhardwaj
Education: - Engineer (Electronics or Electrical)… Profession: - Making money through different business… Very clever in managing others & money…may be this person involves underworld or some legal troubles…
nice tips sir n its a very useful site. thanq. also sir, how can v differentiate an engineering n non-engineerin line of education?
- radha

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