How to Become Successful using Astrology

How to Become Successful using Astrology


By Panna Lal Patodia


First thing, we need to understand that success is not easy. It has many requirements:

      Dedicated and sincere efforts

      Working in right direction

      Taking careful decisions weighing pros and cons

      Your past birth karma (reflected in your horoscope to a large extent)

      Helping others without any expectations


The question is how can Astrology help you to become more successful.


Just go to Panchang section and generate panchang for your city and then see "Summary" part of Panchang. Below, we display summary part of Panchang of Bangalore for 24th November 2014:

Monday, November 24, 2014 Panchang for Bangalore, Karnataka, India
 Time  Result Value  Symbolic Value
 06:22 to 07:48  Amrit - Excellent 3  √ √ √
 07:48 to 09:14  Kaal - Very Bad, Rahu Kala -6  X X X X X X
 09:14 to 10:40  Subh - Very Good 2  √ √
 10:40 to 11:45  Rog - Bad, Yamaganda Kala -4  X X X X
 11:45 to 12:06  Rog - Bad, Yamaganda Kala, Abhijit Muhurta -1  X
 12:06 to 12:28  Udveg - Negative, Abhijit Muhurta 2  √ √
 12:28 to 12:29  Udveg - Negative -1  X
 12:29 to 13:15 Udveg - Negative, Dur Muhurtam-4 X X X X
 13:15 to 13:32 Udveg - Negative-1 X
 13:32 to 14:47 Char - Positive, Gulika Kala-2 X X
 14:47 to 14:58 Char - Positive, Gulika Kala, Dur Muhurtam-5 X X X X X
 14:58 to 15:33 Labh - Good, Dur Muhurtam-2 X X
 15:33 to 16:24 Labh - Good1 √
 16:24 to 17:50 Amrit - Excellent3 √ √ √
 17:50 to 19:24 Char - Positive1 √
 19:24 to 20:58 Rog - Bad-1 X
 20:58 to 22:32 Kaal - Very Bad-3 X X X

We find that certain timings are shown with green colour. These are good times to start any new and important task. There are certain timings those are shown with red colour, these are bad times. These should be avoided to start any new and important task. The positive value indicates how good these timings are. For example, 06:22 to 07:48 is very good as its value is 3 whereas time from 07:48 to 9:14 is very bad as its value is -6 (shown in red colour with 6 crosses).


Now, the question is, if we start an important task during good time period, shall we get 100% success. The answer is NO. As listed above, success depends upon many factors. However, if you start a task during positive period, its success rate might increase by approximate 10% whereas if we start a task during negative period, its success rate might decrease by 10%. So, it is important to check the Panchang and select positive period for important tasks. This is likely to make you more successful in life.

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