Rare predictive methods & Case studies

Rare predictive methods & Case studies


Shankar G Hegde

Case No 7:


Male, 13 Jan 1979, 04:15, Sitapur, U P, India

This person is having 5 children at this age group! What can be the astrological combinations? Exalted Jupiter being the 5th lord in 9th aspecting 5th house or other reasons are also present? Please explain.

Result of Case Study 7:

The fact is the person is not at all having a child so far! EPanditji shows it clearly for the current period and in general to some extent. More than 90% astrologers use co- relation of astrological combinations for a known event or for a known fact. That is not astrology. EPanditji is a machine but it does pure astrology whatever is known to it and people are saying the accuracy of epandit ji is between 60 to 80% for the time being. I gave this chart to my Guru ji of native place and he did not believe that the person is having 5 children! That is pure astrology!!



Ashtakavarga system is one of the best tool to check any thing quickly as far as D-1 is concerned. Now look at the Sarva Ashtaka Varga chart / points. Fifth house, Fifth lord, Karaka Jupiter, 9th house all are having just 23 Sarva Ashtaka varga points! Is it clear now?

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Answers by Participants
1] In d-1 the atmakaraka and vargottama sun is in ascendent { considering the karakamsha lagna} and the mars the 5th lord is vargottama and exalted. 2} In d-7 the 7th lord aspects lagna and the5th lord saturn aspects the lagna lord mercury. 3} in d-60 the lagna is aspected by moon and jupiter from exalted position with gaja kesari effect. These factors caused the above results. regards.
It is because in native's navamsha chart, the 11th house has been occupied by exalted saturn,jupiter and retrograted venus ,which is the 5th house from 7th house. when we take moon as consideration the third house in occupied by both saturn and rahu,as rahu said to give the similar results of saturn, it might also be a reason
- ganesha
hi guruji may i know where is my star, because i resign my job in the month of 8.2012 still i am not getting any business or job. this is my date of birth 21/02/1981 .06.30.00 birth time hope i will get replay from u as soon as posible thanking you yours followers maruti g
- maruti
Jupiter gives many children and being the 5th lord in the 9th house it has moved 5 rasi's hence in this manner also we can say that native has 5 children. In the d-7 chart also if we take the lagna as even all the 5 children can be seen and there after the 6th child will not be born as the lord of the 6th house is Mercury and it is with Rahu and when ever Rahu gets involved the child birth further will not take place Here Jupiter is retrograde hence there will be only a delay but not de
- Uma shanker

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