Tropical Sun Sign Prediction for the Year 2015

by Roberto Velicaz*

*Roberto Velicaz is from Italy. He is electronic engineer from London University. He is well versed in both Hindu and Western astrology. Astrology is his passion and he is doing researches in few sectors of Jaimini system of astrology.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Aries, the greater part of 2015 will give opportunities to pursue creative/artistic activities. There is likely to be a desire to use more of your time through entertainment. Romantic relationships will be more likely and the possibility of having children is also indicated. Close friends may also get married this year.

This year any planned long journeys or trips to foreign lands may be delayed or they are more than likely to be connected to serious matters such as business or profession. Religious beliefs may change or these may be followed more seriously.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Taurus, this is likely to be a year of changes on the home front. This may include extending property, redecorating or even moving. There may be gains through selling property. You will feel happy and more secure at home and things with family/parents will provide happiness. Partners may change job or have success in professional matters.

This may also be a period where getting income from others may be difficult or delayed. Your partner or spouse may have difficulties regarding income.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Gemini, this year will expand communications. There may be a desire to study or learn new things or languages. There may also be an increase in your use of computers/telecommunications. Your desire to write and read will be notable. Communications with others should be good and especially with siblings, which may also be beneficial. New neighbours are also likely this year.

Relationships are a key area and there are likely to be tensions here. Uncommitted relationships or ones with problems already, are likely to falter, whereas long term relationships will probably survive with partners taking extra responsibility. Any new relationships may involve older partners.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Cancer, this year is likely to be a time of gain, both monetary and in material possessions. There will be many opportunities to increase wealth. If you have grown children, they may find employment or start new jobs. Close friends may move or purchase property.

You may find that you have extra burdens/responsibilities or work longer hours and harder at work. You must also look after your health at this time.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Leo, in this coming year you will feel more secure, optimistic and fortunate. This is a good time to increase your knowledge or start any kind of self improvement program. You may change your appearance or over indulge and gain weight. You must be careful not to over exaggerate.

One would be very wise to be careful regarding speculation/gambling. Romantic relationships may face problems or be less likely. There may be extra burdens or responsibilities involving children. There may be less opportunity to enjoy entertainment at this time.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Virgo, this may be a time to follow spiritual or religious beliefs and gain growth in these areas. You will gain insight by looking inwards. Friends may have increases in wealth or siblings will change job or start new careers.

There may be problems or extra responsibilities which present themselves on the home front or with parents. There may be delays, obstructions or problems regarding land/property. Property may need extra attention and repairs may be necessary at this time.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Libra, this is a year for forming new friendships or spending more time with friends or joining new groups. There may be gains that come through your job or friendships. It is a good time to achieve your goals and wishes. If you have grown children they may form partnerships or get married in this period.

You may find that you have troubles or increased responsibilities with regard to siblings or neighbours. Communications or short journeys may become problematic or delayed.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Scorpio, this year will be focused on career matters. There may be new opportunities, advancements or promotions at work. You may be recognised for your work or receive some award. Money may come from foreign sources or through long/foreign journeys.

This is a time to be careful with personal finances. Responsibility is the key, try not to over extend yourself. There may also be delays or restrictions in income.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, this year will bring the possibility of making long journeys, trips abroad or contacts with foreign people. You may choose to pursue higher education, delve deeper into religious or spiritual matters. This would also be a good time for publishing. Your siblings may form new partnerships or marry. There is also the possibility that grandchildren may enter your life.

You may also find that your responsibilities increase and that you are hounded by delays and difficulties. You are likely to feel like you have less energy, become tired more easily and withdrawn.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Capricorn, this year may bring inheritances. Your spouse may enjoy an increase in wealth and it is a favoured period for joint finances, such as those with business partners. Friends may enjoy success on the career front or start new jobs. It is also a likely time that children may move out or purchase property.

This may be a time of contemplation and reflection.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Aquarius, this is likely to be a time of new partnerships or marriage. Partnerships may involve people from a very different background from your own or from a foreign country. If you already have a partner, they may change their appearance or gain weight. It can be a beneficial time in forming business partnerships. There is also the possibility that siblings may have children.

Gains from profession maybe restricted or delayed at this time. Friendships may go through changes due tensions and may lead to separations. You may have extra responsibilities in group situations.


For those with their Sun in the sign of Pisces, this can be a good period in regards to health and work matters. You may find work more enjoyable and easier. Your children may see increases in wealth and siblings may move or purchase property.

You may find that your responsibilities in your professional life increase. Past actions in your career will determine whether you will be rewarded or face obstructions or delays.

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