Some of the feedbacks received by us:

Some of the feedbacks received by us:


Thank you for this personal mail which gives me an opportunity to congratulate you for being totally committed to astrology and making it research oriented. This initiative and keeping it dynamically responsive to feed back is unmatched in this field of astrology which is having its major practitioners practicing secrecy. I would place this on the level of efforts made by other great exponents like B.V.Raman. I thank you for accepting my feed back and writing to me. I am hoping to be in contact with you.

With warm regards



Providing this tool to the society is a great contribution and very helpful. Remarkable and very awesome job Sankar Hedge ji and team.

CA Umesh Bhat 


Really an unprecedented and admirable attempt

Rajesh Shukla 


"Awesome website of epanditji.....I am really impressed"

Mr. David Nalbadian


Keep up the good work Panna Lal Patodia ji and Shankar Hegde ji.

For the first time we have a best thing for free!!

Dr Ajey Bhat


Wishing the team to be as successful as JHora, especially for divine intentions.

Since its web based, it will not have OS limitations.

Mr. Guru Charan


I deem it an honour primarily to be associated with you & the elite

Mr. Purushothama Gandlur


Excellent Work Shanker Jee and Panna Lal jee...!!!.. This is a lot of hard work and preparation.

Rajesh Dhingra



Vidit Jain


This is the best website ever developed in history of astrology.

At least since I knew Astro a bit. Kudos to Panna Lal Patodia Sir Ji And great Shankar Hegde sir ji.

Thank you very much.

Saurabh Soni


Very very good job sir

Girish Gowda

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