What Can Be The Result Of Delhi Assembly Polls Of 2015

What Can Be The Result Of Delhi Assembly Polls Of 2015?

It Is Mercury V/S Mercury!

By Panna Lal Patodia

Please note that I am a software engineer and not astrologer. Still, I am trying to predict the result of Delhi Assembly Poll using novel astrological algorithms. Please note that these algorithms are not used in Epanditji so far.


It may be noted that BJP is having very good record of winning continuously under able leadership of Modiji. So, the common sense indicates victory of BJP. However, let us see the horoscope of two Chief Minister Candidates - Smt. Kiran Bediji and Shri Arvind Kejriwal. The birth details of these two persons are provided to me by Mr. Shankar Hegde.


The birth details of Smt. Kiran Bediji are as under:

1. Date of Birth: 9 June 1949

2. Time of Birth: 14:10 (02:10 PM)

3. Place of Birth: Amritsar, Punjab


Now, the birth details of Shri Arvind Kejriwal:

1. Date of Birth: 16 August 1968

2. Time of Birth: 07:30 AM

3. Place of Birth: Siwani, Haryana


Please note that addition of just 80-90 Seconds to the time of birth of Smt. Kiran Bediji makes a big change in percentage related to happiness for the current period. It is Mercury antara or sub period for both. If the given data are correct, On 10th of Feb 2015 when results of election will be declared as per our algorithms which are developed for our internal use (likely to be used in future in epanditji.in)

For Smt. Kiran Bediji:

Happiness is likely to be 58.65%, and

Profession is likely to be 53.35%.

For Arvindji,

Happiness is likely to be 58.15%, and

Profession is likely to be 64.11%.


So, whether Arvindji will smile or not but he will not let Kiranji win easily. Can this lead to hung assembly? Let us wait and see. The algorithms used by us are still evolving and much depends upon the accuracy of birth details. The startling issue from Astrological point of view is that both are having Mercury sub period and Arvindji has seen both extreme good and bad during this period. As far as transit of Mercury is concerned, Bediji has 27 Sarava Ashtaka Varga points whereas Arvindji has 35 Sarava Ashtaka Varga points in the same sign of Capricorn.


As per Brighu Chakra Paddati, Arvindji has the effect of eleventh house for the current year. The Lord of that house and Sub period's lord is Mercury and Mercury is in third house. For Kiranji, Effect of sixth house is going on. The lord of Aquarius is Saturn is in 7th and has mutual aspect with Mars. Mercury being the lord of sub period is afflicted by 2 malefics. So it is contest between 11th house & 6th house. I believe this much analysis is good enough for the time being and rest is left to the learned visitors of Epanditji.

Updated on 8th Feb 2015:


As per Exit Poll average, AAP is going to get 43 seats, BJP - 25 seats and Congress - 2 seats.


Let us find the number of seats as per Astrology:


Happiness percentage of both Kiran Bediji (BJP) and Arvind Kejriwalji (AAP) are almost same. Howere, there is major difference in the Profession scores.


Profession score of Arvindji (AAP) is 64.11% and of Kiranj (BJP) is 53.35%.


Assuming that AAP and BJP gets all 70 seats, the number of seats as per profession score will be as follows:


AAP = 70 * 64.11 / (64.11+53.35) = 70 * 64.11 / 117.46 = 38 seats

BJP = 70 * 53.35 / 117.46 = 32 seats.


If Congress and others get 2 seats. Then, 68 seats to be distributed between AAP and BJP:


AAP = 68 * 64.11 / 117.46 = 37 seats

BJP = 68 * 53.35 / 117.46 = 31 seats.


If both parties put together get 66 seats, then as per Astrology, the distribution of seats between AAP and BJP is expected to be as follows:


AAP = 66 * 64.11 / 117.46 = 36 seats

BJP = 66 * 53.35 / 117.46 = 30 seats.


Let us wait for 10th February when the results will be declared and check the accuracy and authenticity of Astrology. This will also enable us to check the accuracy of novel algorithms under development for Epanditji.

Most Important: It is interesting to observe that irrespective of the number of seats won by both parties, the difference between number of seats of AAP and BJP is shown 6 as per Astrological computation.

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Answers by Participants
The Pratyantara dasa for bedi is saturn and it is exalted in d-10 in Libra and for Kejriwal he is under Ketu Pratyantara dasa and he is placed in scorpio in the badhaka house along with 5th house lord in d-10. More-over he has got sankranti dosha which is a big flaw in his chart. Hence the chances for bedi is more when compared to Kejriwal. As you said guruji let us wait and see
- Uma shanker
Sir if above birth information is correct less chance in Kiran Bedi ji… Present transit & Vimshottari dasa is more luck to Arvind Kejriwal ji …
- Manoj Philip
haapy ur predictions have come true.

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