Pancha Pakshi Report

DEMO: Date and Time of Birth Generated Randomly

Please note that we are generating date and time of birth randomly for demo purpose. For your date and time of birth, you can avail paid services. To avail paid servcie, please register by clicking on Register link.

ADVANTAGE: If you register, you will be allowed to store birth details of different people. So, you need not remember birth details. Further, you will be able to generate horoscope, name rectification, selection etc with one click or at most few clicks. You need not enter the same data again and again. Further, users will have option to enter exact location of birth place. This will enable to create exact horoscope, get answers with better accuracy and so on.

 Name  Sample  Sex  Male
 Date of Birth  09 Oct 1966  Time of Birth  23:11:00
 Time Zone  5.5 Hours  Daylight Saving Time  0 Hour
 Place of Birth  Bangalore  State  Karnataka
 Latitude  12° 58' 19" N  Longitude  077° 35' 37" E
 Sunrise  06:09:15  Sunset  18:04:45
 Day of Birth  Sunday Tithi  Dasami
 Paksha  Krishna Rasi (Sign)  Cancer
 Nakshatra  Ashlesha Nakshatra Pada  2
 Yoga  Sadhya Karna  Vishti
 Lahiri Ayanamsa  023 23 21.3 Yogi  Venus
 Saha Yogi  Mars Ava Yogi  Jupiter
 Birth Bird  Cock

Pancha Pakshi Report for Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Paksha - Krishna, Sunrise - 06:01:45, Sunset - 18:33:35, Next Day Sunrise - 06:01:16
 From  To  Main Activity  Sub Activity  Value
06:01:4506:31:49 Sleeping Sleeping25.00
06:31:4907:01:54 Sleeping Ruling55.00
07:01:5407:31:58 Sleeping Walking40.00
07:31:5808:02:03 Sleeping Eating45.00
08:02:0308:32:07 Sleeping Death15.00
08:32:0709:02:11 Ruling Ruling100.00
09:02:1109:32:16 Ruling Walking85.00
09:32:1610:02:20 Ruling Eating90.00
10:02:2010:32:25 Ruling Death60.00
10:32:2511:02:29 Ruling Sleeping70.00
11:02:2911:32:33 Walking Walking62.50
11:32:3312:02:38 Walking Eating67.50
12:02:3812:32:42 Walking Death37.50
12:32:4213:02:47 Walking Sleeping47.50
13:02:4713:32:51 Walking Ruling77.50
13:32:5114:02:55 Eating Eating75.00
14:02:5514:33:00 Eating Death45.00
14:33:0015:03:04 Eating Sleeping55.00
15:03:0415:33:09 Eating Ruling85.00
15:33:0916:03:13 Eating Walking70.00
16:03:1316:33:17 Death Death0.00
16:33:1717:03:22 Death Sleeping10.00
17:03:2217:33:26 Death Ruling40.00
17:33:2618:03:31 Death Walking25.00
18:03:3118:33:35 Death Eating30.00
18:33:3519:01:05 Death Death0.00
19:01:0519:28:36 Death Ruling40.00
19:28:3619:56:06 Death Eating30.00
19:56:0620:23:37 Death Sleeping10.00
20:23:3720:51:07 Death Walking25.00
20:51:0721:18:38 Ruling Ruling100.00
21:18:3821:46:08 Ruling Eating90.00
21:46:0822:13:39 Ruling Sleeping70.00
22:13:3922:41:09 Ruling Walking85.00
22:41:0923:08:39 Ruling Death60.00
23:08:3923:36:10 Eating Eating75.00
23:36:1000:03:40 Eating Sleeping55.00
00:03:4000:31:11 Eating Walking70.00
00:31:1100:58:41 Eating Death45.00
00:58:4101:26:12 Eating Ruling85.00
01:26:1201:53:42 Sleeping Sleeping25.00
01:53:4202:21:12 Sleeping Walking40.00
02:21:1202:48:43 Sleeping Death15.00
02:48:4303:16:13 Sleeping Ruling55.00
03:16:1303:43:44 Sleeping Eating45.00
03:43:4404:11:14 Walking Walking62.50
04:11:1404:38:45 Walking Death37.50
04:38:4505:06:15 Walking Ruling77.50
05:06:1505:33:46 Walking Eating67.50
05:33:4606:01:16 Walking Sleeping47.50

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