(2014 ONWARDS)


Shankar G Hegde


Impact of it on various nations & various individuals born in different Moon signs (Rashis) or Ascendants (Lagnas)-Part-1


(Amazing things about series continued).

As I wanted to check the exact time of Saturn entering sign Scorpio on 2nd of November 2014, I checked it with & it showed that as 20:54:40 IST. For that time the degrees, minutes, seconds & seconds in decimals are 00:00:00:01! Means 210 degrees, 00 minutes, 00.1 seconds (1/10th of second) as 1 w.r.t. decimal level of seconds!!


So I did cast a chart for that time for India, taking place of birth as Delhi, as Delhi is the Capital of India. It is Gemini (Mithuna) Ascendant/Lagna for India in D-1 or Rashi Kundli.

Saturn the planet in question falls in 6th house at that times Gemini Lagna which is one of the best places to be occupied by Saturn from Lagna or Ascendant! Saturn being the 8th lord which shows hidden things & 9th lord as well which shows foreign affairs, aspected by Jupiter in 2nd in exaltation that too in a watery sign which again shows foreign affairs & money, clearly show major things related to black money the hot issue of India! These combinations show INDIA GETTING BACK A CONSIDERABLE BLACK MONEY FOR SURE BUT MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE THE TARGET EVEN UP TO 60%. From Indiaís radical Moon sign Karka (Rashi) Saturn will be transiting over 5th house which is far better place than 4th house & in the 7th house from radical Vrishabha Lagna of India (Independence chart) which clearly show


(1) Rapid growth of good health of public as Saturn has quit the 6th house from lagna of independence chart,


(2) Growth in a dramatical way in basic educational sector.


(3) Lot of foreign investments! BUT THEY MAY FAIL TO ACHEIVE GROWTH OF GDP.


The D-60 Lagna of transit Saturnís time is Capricorn or Makara which is also the sign allotted by Varahamihira ji for Hindustan, gets Saturn in 11th house in D-60 or Shastiamsha or 1/60th part of the basic chart has to tell many positive things & I will discuss them in future accordingly. As usual there will be minor to moderate types of natural calamities for next 2.5 years. Our relationship with some nearby countries canít be much good as the chart of Transit Time of Saturn gives bad values for 3rd house in Indiaís chart. It can be seen in the chart of Pakistan also! In sports some lost glory or position will be regained!

Predictions for Pakistan: It is really terrific! The exact time of transit Saturn to Scorpio from Libra as per Epanditji is 20:25 hours of Pakistan (Islamabad).
For the Radical lagna sign Mesha or Aries, Saturn in 8th is a negative thing. IT WORKS LIKE A KEY RULE UP TO 65 TO 70%! THEY WILL HAVE BOTH INTERNAL & EXTERNAL WAR LIKE SITUATIONS. THE D-1 LAGNA IS SAME BUT D-60 LAGNA BECOMES SCORPIO. FROM SCORPIO THE 10TH LORD SUN OCCUPIES 8TH, THE HOUSE OF DEATH IN D-60 SHOWING DEATH TO THECURRENT RULING SYSTEM OF PAKISTAN. Moreover Moon in 7th afflicted by Mars in D-60 has to say many negative things. THEY NEED MORE & MORE MASS PRAYERS! May God Save Good people of Pakistan! A television serial or a famous TV channel itself or a movie will be a real hit within next 10-14 months!!

BEFORE DISCUSSING ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES like USA, UK, China, and IranÖetc. I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE VERY MUCH GENERAL PREDICTIONS FOR ALL MOON SIGNS (12 RASHIS) & THEY CAN HOLD GOOD IN BETTER WAY FOR SAME Ascendants or Lagnas. (You can consider them as entertainment also as the Law doesnít permit it or better I say there are more accurate things in astrology which decide the events in all 3 tenses)

1) Aries or Mesha: As far as Moon sign is concerned I have seen the ďAshtama ShaniĒ or the transit of Saturn in 8th from Rashi giving terrific mental tension! It works like a key rule in almost 65 to 70% cases! But if Dasha scheme & basic promises are good apart from mental aberration one can expect sudden gains of money! It can hold good for Aries Lagna! Aries people should worship lord Shiva to get rid of negative things.

2) Taurus or Vrishabha: Marriage is likely for all those who want to marry! Those who have secret affairs should be careful! Plenty of traveling can be expected including abroad journeys! Ladies with the age 40+ should be careful about the health problems related reproduction system. Finance & business with partners needs care! Worshipping goddess Durga is the remedy!

3) Gemini Or Mithuna: Very good time period indeed! Pending loans or litigations will get some solutions. Those who are trying for some standard loan can get it! For most of the people born under sign Gemini it will be a period of further relief from some chronic diseases like diabetes or bone problem! Or Major Dental problems at the least! I hope within next 2.5 years some major medicine which may cure even diabetes will come to the market! WINNING OVER ENEMIES WILL BE EASY FOR POLITICIANS BORN UNDER THIS SIGN. Reciting Lakshmi Narayana Hrifaya Parayana will be the best remedy! (Or get it done by any Pandit ji)

4) Cancer or Karka: Emotional persons should suffer like anything. Marriage chances are not very high for Karka Rashi (Moon sign) but the people born under Karka Lagna/Ascendant can expect it very easily! Even problems related to marital happiness will be solved soon to many a people! Worship lord Shiva ji along with Mata ji to get rid of problems.

5) Leo or Simha: Sudden change of job for working people are likely when Mars joins Saturn in Scorpio mainly because of work burden! Marriage chances will be high for marriageable people from June 2014 to 1 year! Most of the people born under this sign should be careful about heart problems, mainly if they are senior citizens Remedy is to recite Aditya Hridaya 3 times early in the morning or donate pink colour cloth along with wheat as much as possible to needy people! Rest will be discussed in next part.







(Amazing things about series continued).

6) Virgo or Kanya Rashi: Saturn transiting in 3rd is really Good. Happy news related to siblings can be expected. Many short distance journeys are likely. Sport starts born under this sign may perform very well for next 2.5 years in general. Time to improve communication skills. Till June 2015 many can expect marriage if they are trying for it. As a negative impact throat diseases or diseases related to respiratory system is also likely. The so called Sade Sathi is over! All the above said results hold good for Virgo Ascendant or Kanya Lagna. To get rid of transit Rahu, worship lord Kaartikeya. Before proceeding further few words on so called sade saati must be written.

The So called Sade sati.

Libra (Tula Rashi), Scorpio (Vrishchika Rashi) & Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) are under the influence of so called Sade sati. Is it always bad? CERTAINLY NOT BAD!!
Around 150 crore living people on this globe are having the influence of sade sati & we canít expect the same results for all!! Even our PM & Home ministers are having Sade Sati! In India almost 7 people have become Prime ministers during Sade Sati! Late Sh. Morarji Desai ji was a high class officer in British Govt. in 1st Sade sati, CM in 2nd Sade sati & PM in 3rd Sade Sati. As Guru Sh. K.N.Rao opines almost 70+% people get good results during sade sati. BUT IT GIVES INCREASED WORK BURDEN IN ALMOST 95% CASES! Rest will be discussed in next part.

(Amazing things about series continued).

Flexible Input Format for Date and Time: Before proceeding further related to transit of Saturnís effect, I would like to say that we have developed 2nd page i.e. birth data entry page as extremely user friendly. You can put any symbol like†† - , :† or ; etc.
Date: 14 July 1960 or 14.06.1960 or July 14, 1960 or 14/06/1960 etc.
Time: 17:58:05 or 05:58:05 pm or 5.58 pm or 5-58 pm or 17,58,05 etc.

Result for Sign Libra or Tula Rashi: Saturn in 2nd is showing increase in wealth! Transit Jupiter is also aspecting 2nd house the house of finance is supporting Saturn!! But if Sarva Ashtaka Varga points are very less there will not be such effect & even reverse can take place if Dasha scheme is also bad.† Some auspicious ceremony is likely in family.† Most of the People born under Tula Lagna can certainly expect sudden increase of wealth within next June- July (2015) for sure if Dasha scheme is also good! Jobless p Result for Sign Libra or Tula Rashi eople can expect a job. Dental or respiratory problems are likely to few w.r.t. age factors. Recite Shakti Panchakshari mantra as a remedy.

Result for Sign Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi: Marriage bells are ringing for many! Regain of good health is indicated for many of you if Sarva Ashtaka Varga points are good.† Otherwise health issues related to head may trouble. Recovery from huge loan is possible during next 2.5 years. Pilgrimages or blessings of a great soul can be expected. Good period to have a child. As a negative part litigations are likely. Be careful when Mars joins Saturn or aspects it. During such period drive carefully & donít neglect even a minor health problem. Good period for higher education. Remedy is to worship lord Ganesha or to donate red cloths to poor people.

Result for Sign Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi: Cheating in partnership business is likely. Mental agitation again & again is also likely. Marriage is likely for few those who have other good things like Dasha scheme or SAV points.† Some can expect demotion in job or negative development related to job. Sport stars & Film stars should be careful. Leg injury is likely. After June-July higher education in a foreign country may be possible for few.† Be careful related to property matters.

As a remedy worship Guru or donate ghee to place of worship.

Result for sign Capricorn or Makara Rashi: Wonderful period indeed! Both transit Jupiter & Saturn are influencing 11th house of gains. If Dasha scheme & SAV points are good, many of you will mint money like anything. If some investment shows good profit till June 2015, please en cash it without hesitation. Marriage is most likely. Delayed child birth will be vanished after June 2015 & before June 2016! Best period for students. Some of you can try the luck in speculations provided basic promises are good in your charts up to D-60 or Shastiamsha or 1/60th part of basic chart.

Result for sign Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi: Pretty good period in general. Positive changes in professional front are likely till June 2015 & again after July 2016.† Many jobless people will get jobs. But few of you may lose one of your parents. Good time to have a business partner if 7th house of charts are good.† Film stars & Politicians of this sign will have additional fame! Some may get awards.† Marriage is likely after June 2016.†

Remedies related to Rahu may help further.

Result for sign Pisces or Meena Rashi: Many of you can be experiencing a sigh of relief as 8th house transit is over! But struggling may prolong in a tolerable way for some more period if Dasha Scheme is bit bad. Or Sarva Ashtaka Varga Points are bad. (Up to 25 it is below the average, up to 28 it is good & 29 + points are very good. EPanditji gives table of Sarva Ashtaka Varga in Generate horoscope section). Good period for students & to them who are trying for higher education or competitive exams. Some lovers may have wedding knot after strong opposition. Business or job front will be just okay. Some auspicious ceremony in family is likely. Good period to go for pilgrimages or long tours.

Predictions about other nations & D-1800 (Pranamsh) of India will be discussed in next part.


Impact of it on various nations & various individuals born in different Moon signs (Rashis) or Ascendants (Lagnas)

(Amazing things about series continued).

Still few people of India believe that the name of Saturn (Shani) should not be pronounced openly! But the poojas, Havans (worships related to lord Shani with mantras or Vedic hymns) canít take place is a fact! We astrologers have to take/pronounce the word Shani plenty of times on almost every day!†

Now look at the photos of time of Saturnís entry to Scorpio as given by EPanditji. It gives time as† 10:24:40 AM for the capital of USA.

It seems the recession will prolong till 1st half of 2015 for USA. There can be bit relief after August 2015 but again around April 2016 some problems will be there. USA canít expect major growth in GDP. It will reduce enmity with many countries despite minor mood of war. Many talented immigrants of other countries mainly of India will leave USA!† I will discuss many more in future but before that,

Please remember a major thing! As per classics Sade Sati (3 houses), Ardh Ashtama Shani† or Kantaka Shani (4th house) Panchama Shani (5th house) & Ashtama Shani (8th house) transits are bad. So totally almost 6 houses are bad for transit of Saturn as per classics which leads to 50% chances!! It canít be true at all! So have faith in God, in your own talent and hard work.† If you want predictions for other countries or further elaboration of this series of article please feel to use comment section of EPanditji.

Otherwise this article ends here as there are more interesting things which are ready for hot discussions & predictions!

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