Naga Dosha as per Brihat Parasara Hora Sashtra

Naga Dosha (Curse of Serpent) as per Brihat Parasara Hora Sashtra


The sage Parasara has given following yogas for Naga Dosha:


(1) If Rahu is in the fifth house and aspected by Mars.


(2) If the lord of fifth house is associated with Rahu and Saturn or Moon is in the fifth house and is aspected by Saturn.


(3) If the significator for children (Jupiter) is associated with Rahu and the lord of the fifth house is weak and the lord of Ascendant is with Mars.


(4) If the significator for children (Jupiter) is associated with Mars, Ascendant is occupied by Rahu and the lord of the fifth house is in dussthana (sixth, eighth or 12th house).


(5) Mercury as lord of the fifth being in the Navamsha of Mars is associated with Mars and Ascendant is occupied by Rahu and Gulika.


(6) If fifth house is of the sign of the Mars and the lord of the fifth is associated with Rahu and is under the aspect or conjunction of Mercury.


(7) If the fifth house is occupied by Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter and the lords of the fifth and Ascendant are weak.


(8) If the lord of Ascendant or Jupiter is associated with Rahu and the lord of the fifth is in conjunction with Mars or Jupiter with Rahu.


We shall provide facility wherein our visitors will be allowed to enter birth details and get the complete list of Doshas along with Naga Dosha and Pitra Dosha.

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Answers by Participants
Dosha Details with parihaara
- Rangaswamy
Sir , Can u kindly let me know if i have naga dosha as i am having severe financial problems and i am not getting my money spent abroad . Name : J.P.Krishna Prasad DOB : 09/09/1971 Time : 03.21 Am Place of Birth : Hosur ,Tamilnadu
- J.P.Krishna Prasad
Thanks a Lot for this Service. Getting the Complete list of dosha is gr8 idea . Sir in naag dosha one type is left that if all kendra are filled with Melific Planets only this is also a naag/sarpa dosha . Regards
- Vineet Kumar Sharma
Thanks sir for details. Please post about other doshas with their parihaar and please make a section for research articles it will help a lot to the sincere students.
- Saurabh
Sir, please provide an article regarding PITRA DOSHA in your article section as lot of people including astrologers do not know about the same. It saves the public from dubious astrologers who take the benefit of their ignorance.Warm regards.
Dear Sir, Please provide Remedies for Naga Dosha, Pitru Dosha in the Horoscope Itself along with Yogas. Sincere thanks. Hassan, Karnataka.
- Satisha
Dear sir in my kundli it is showing birth naag dosha my d.o.b is 29/06/1979 t.o.b. is 00:38 is this a reason for the delay in child birth if so what are the remedies for it & for my financial growth
- Prakash Verma
Dear panditji My daughters date of birth details are as below. Name:Tanishkaa DOB:17/10 /2012 time:01:14AM Place:Bangalore She is unwell most of the times and would like to know about her future education health etc. I read somewhere that she has kalasarpa yoga and Naga dosha. Is this true and if yes what are the remedies and will it have any bearing on her health future and education. Please reply and Thank you for such selfless service Best regards Shridhar
- Shridhar
Sir i have naga dosha will u plz provide remedies for me lord of asc is with moon i.e mars with moon in 4th house lagna is vrishchika lagna my d.o.b. 27-04-1992. time:9:24 pm, place:vijayawada, AP
- sai
falladesh of naga dosh
- vikas

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