Answer of Questions by Our Astrology Team - Clarifications

by Panna Lal Patodia

We started this web site for the noble purpose of serving the people and without any charges. We believe that Astrology helps people in the following ways:
(1) It gives indication about future events. If people know that something bad is likely to happen, they prepare themselves for that. This itself is a big step.
(2) Astrology provides various ways to reduce the impact of bad influence of planets. This helps further to overcome the problem. For example, we have provided Yantra for Individuals with Mantra - Powerful Remedy to provide faster and effective remedy.

Before starting this service, we have contacted many astrologers of Bangalore. We have selected three astrologers who were having good knowledge of Astrology and were ready to provide their services without any charges. They have also done their job (with Chief Astrologer and co-founder Mr. Shankar Hegde) for around one month. But, in today's materialistic world, it is difficult to get any service without any charge. At one side, we were getting large number of questions and another side, the team of astrologers stopped providing service. This has put much pressure on Mr. Shankar Hegde. When, he alone started to reply large number of people, it has started impacting his health. He alone can handle limited questions but people get impatient. Under the circumstance, we are left with two options, either we put concessional charges or stop this service. We request people to give their feedback, whether the service to be stopped or charged.

Another Important Point:We have given the following answer to many people in response to their query:
"Namaste. For obvious reasons we have stopped this service temporarily. Please login after 24 hours. While using this service please dont forget to follow the things given below. 1)1 question per login & at the least for another 24 hours dont ask the next question. 2)We had clearly informed on the 1st day itself that, we dont do birth time rectification deeply. But for quick glance of correctness of your char/horoscope/Kundali at the least up to concerned divisional chart/Varga Kundali/D- chart, please give some background about you like (as many as or as much as possible), a)Profession of your father. b)Your complete educational background or the subject/s you are studying. c)Sibling count of your father as a whole.(No of your fathers brothers & sisters including your father) d)If married date of marriage. e)If you are having a child or children date of birth of 1st child. f)Your current professional status. With best wishes & hoping to serve you with more accuracy,"

Some of our Visitors has taken offence to this answer. I would like to clarify certain things about the above answer. We have asked people to ask one question because we had limited human resources to answer your questions. As far as birth rectification is concerned, many people who have asked questions said that they never asked for birth rectification. I request all people who have asked questions to understand the difference between Birth Time Verification and Birth Time Rectification. The basic idea is to quickly check the background information with date and time of birth so that answer given by Astrology Team is menaingful. There are many people who have provided detailed background information. However, there are many people who have not provided any background information. Answering your questions without checking background information is like prescribing medicines without knowing the symptoms. In computer language it is GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). While Birth Time Verification can be done in 3-5 minutes, Birth Time Rectification may require hours. Astrologer need to keep changing time and then verify background till he gets time which fits with the background information. So, Birth Time Rectification requires much more efforts than birth time verification. I hope this makes the above reply meaningful and why we have given such reply.

Those who are interested can again login and ask question by giving background information. However, we would like to make it very clear that we do not have enough human resources to reply your questions without charges as the world has become materialistic and many astrologers are not coming forward to answer the questions without charges. Under the circumstance, we are left with two options, either we put concessional charges or stop this service. We request people to give their feedback, whether the service to be stopped or charged.

Update on 23 February 2015

Views by Visitors and Our Counter View: We have received many comments from different visitors stating that this service should not be stopped. One visitor has suggested that we should charge Rs. 100/= per question but Answer should be given by Mr. Shankar Hegde. As far as we are concerned, we are offering this service free of charge, so we don't have any problem with Rs. 100/= per question. The key issue is Rs. 100/= per question will not reduce the queue, there will be thousands of questions pending and people still need to wait for 2-3 months.

Our Suggestion: Customers themselves offer Mr. Shankar Hegde around USD 75 (Rs. 4,500/=) per question and USD 200 (Rs. 12,000) for three questions as he does not ask any particular amount for his services. What we suggest that we shall be charging Rs. 500 per question and Rs. 1,100 for three questions. So, we are charging around 10% of his usual charges (highly concessional) and at the same time we expect that queue in this method will be of much smaller size. Those who want to avail this service should deposit this amount to our account. Then, you shall receive email wherein Mobile Number of Mr. Shankar Hegde will be given along with the time range wherein you should call him (say between 4 and 5 PM). This way, those people who are paying will get answer then and there and they are 100% assured that answers are given by Mr. Shankar Hegde only.

Very Important: Please note that the above mentioned scheme is not started, it is just a suggestion to get feedback of people. Further, we shall continue the free service of answer of questions by our astrology team. Those who can't afford the charges will get free reply but subject to time availability and number of people in queue.

Update on 25 February 2015

Comment by Mr. Pradeep: Normally Shankar Sir has his own clients base which is very high. He normally earns good from that. Charging for predictions would not be an issue but is also not recommendable. It was a site ensuring free services, now charging would be U turn like Government......Anyways, its a feedback.....What you wanna do is in your hands and ur policy.....Jay Maa Kali!

Answer to Comment by Mr. Pradeep: Please note that charges are neither for Mr. Shankar Hegde nor for other founders. This money will be used mainly for making payment to Astrologers who will provide answers to the questions asked by people in free section. This will enable us to make answers at a faster pace to people who cannot afford to make payment (to speed up the answers in free section). Part of charges will also go for creating awareness about this web site so that more and more people can get benefits from this web site. As far as Mr. Shankar Hegde is concerned, he shall be providing this service but not going to get anything from the charges made for predictions given by him. Please note that he has International, Corporate, Politicians and other clients like Industrialists, Actors and general public. It may be noted that apart from his practice, he has to do research, write articles and books. So, it is an extra work for him without any remuneration.

Reason for Charges: Please note that we have received many emails from our visitors that they want answers fast and they are ready to make payment. We have answered these people that our web site is free and we don't charge money, please wait for your number and you will receive answer. To this, one of the person has replied that Even in Tirupat Balaji, there is a provision for separate queue for faster darshan based on payment, do you people think that you are above GOD. Our reply is we are very ordinary people but want to share our knowledge and provide free astrological service to all. We request all our visitors to put forth their views in this regard.

This is the first web site in the world wherein we have created Digital Panditji who is providing Expert Astrological services like a human expert Astrologer. It can serve hundreds of users simultaneously. Our Astrological Services are based on around 25 years of research in Vedic Astrology. We provide highest quality astrology services based on thorough research.

We are using principles of Maharishi Parasara and other great sages (maharishis) to generate horoscopes. We apply the same principles while answering your questions. Epandiji has no responsibility for any action taken by you based on the astrological services provided by this web site. The use of this web site is solely at the user's risk. Astrological services are provided with the understanding that Epanditji or any other person associated with this web site are not responsible for any loss or damage occurring to anybody from any suggestion, answer, prediction, Yantra, Mantra etc. provided by this web site or our team of astrologers.

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