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Shankar G Hegde:

Shankar Hegde is co-founder and giving valuable inputs for He is internationally renowned astrologer and doing professional astrology practice since last 20 years. He started studying astrology at the young age of 14. He has studied many Classical texts related to Astrology. He has analysed around 25,000 horoscopes and has lot of practical knowledge about astrology. He has also published articles on astrology in various reputed journals of Astrology. He is co-author of two e-books and has translated one book. He has given many stunning predictions related to personal and mundane astrology in live TV programs. His service is free for poor and needy people.

This is the first web site in the world wherein we have created Digital Panditji who is providing Expert Astrological services like a human expert Astrologer. It can serve hundreds of users simultaneously. Our Astrological Services are based on around 25 years of research in Vedic Astrology. We provide highest quality astrology services based on thorough research.

We are using principles of Maharishi Parasara and other great sages (maharishis) to generate horoscopes. We apply the same principles while answering your questions. Epandiji has no responsibility for any action taken by you based on the astrological services provided by this web site. The use of this web site is solely at the user's risk. Astrological services are provided with the understanding that Epanditji or any other person associated with this web site are not responsible for any loss or damage occurring to anybody from any suggestion, answer, prediction, Yantra, Mantra etc. provided by this web site or our team of astrologers.

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