Very Important

Very Important - Please read this carefully


by Panna Lal Patodia


First of all, we are highly thankful to all of you for overwhelming response shown by all of you.


We have received large number of email from our users. The chief concern shown by many people was remedial measure.


For example, one person wrote: "My promotion chance has been shown as 11% by your web site during current dasa. Please suggest me remedial measures so that I can get promotion."


Please note that promotion chance 11% is shown based on your horoscope and your past birth karma. If you put forth 100% efforts in your present job, your promotion chance will become (100+11)/2 = 55.5%. If you have full faith in GOD, he will make it 100%. At the same time, if our web site shows promotion chance of 75% but you put 0% efforts in your job, then it will reduce to 37.5%. Lord Krishna said very clearly in Srimad Bhagvad Gita that you have right to work but not of its results. So, do your work sincerely and leave the result to God. We are sure you will succeed.


So, we sincerely suggest all our users:


(1) Always put forth your best efforts with honesty.


(2) Have full faith in GOD.


(3) Help others who are in need. This gives immense satisfaction. One who help others will never go into depression.


Here I would like to narrate my real life experience. The year was 2004. One day, a person came and said, "I want to purchase all your astrology software but I do not any money to pay." I was surprise. I asked when you do not have any money, how can you purchase all astrology software. Then he told me his story.


He retired from a big company as Manager one year ago. He got around Rs. 20 lakhs as retirement benefits. He has purchased a flat from that money. His only son was in USA and he was sending sufficient money to him every month. But, he has stopped sending money since last three months. Now, he and his wife was hardly having money to carry on their expenditure for one or two months.


Then, he told me that he has learned Astrology for 2-3 years. So, if I shall give him "Divya Dristi Astrology Software", he will practice Astrology and manage his expenditure.


I heard his story and thought in any case he cannot afford to purchase the software. If I give him all my astrology software, my total expenditure was Rs. 20 (Yes, Twenty rupees only because I had to give him two CDs which cost around Rs. 20 at that time). So, I gave him all my astrology software (worth Rs. 25,000/=) but my cost was only Rs. 20/= because the software were already developed and marketed by my company "Excellent Software". I felt lot of satisfaction after giving him these software.

He has taken those software and started practicing Astrology. By God's grace, this gave him enough income. He used to call me almost every month and informing me that because of your help, I am able to manage my monthly expenditure without any problem.


In the year 2009, he called me and said that I want to meet you in person. I was wondering why this person wants to meet me again. In any case, I said, you are always welcomed. He came and gave me Rs. 10,000/=. I said, I have not sold you Astrology software so I do not want this money. But, he insisted and he was very particular that I should accept this money.  He said: "I earned this money using your astrology software. Because of your software, not only I am able to manage my day to day expenditure but I could also save this money. So, I am giving this to you. If you had not given me software on that day, probably I would committed suicide."


This is one incident I cannot forget life long.


There are many such things happened in my life but I do not want readers and users of this web site to bore with such stuff. However, I have learned the lesson very well that when you help others, GOD helps you thousand times more.

This is the first web site in the world wherein we have created Digital Panditji who is providing Expert Astrological services like a human expert Astrologer. It can serve hundreds of users simultaneously. Our Astrological Services are based on around 25 years of research in Vedic Astrology. We provide highest quality astrology services based on thorough research.

We are using principles of Maharishi Parasara and other great sages (maharishis) to generate horoscopes. We apply the same principles while answering your questions. Epandiji has no responsibility for any action taken by you based on the astrological services provided by this web site. The use of this web site is solely at the user's risk. Astrological services are provided with the understanding that Epanditji or any other person associated with this web site are not responsible for any loss or damage occurring to anybody from any suggestion, answer, prediction, Yantra, Mantra etc. provided by this web site or our team of astrologers.

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