Do you know these amazing things about free services of EPanditji? (Part-1)

1)It can generate horoscopes in around 80 languages with negligible grammatical mistakes! So Russian students like Natali Singh ji or Japanese students who have been learning in BVB or who will join International Course of BVB in this month can understand basics very easily!

2)The Place of birth can easily be located as it gives many nearby places & Coordinates up to 4 or 5 decimal points! Or You can put any place as per your wish & it calculates daylight saving time along with time zone!

3) It calculates all 20 divisional charts starting from Rashi, Navamsha Shastiamsha (D-60). It calculates Yogi, Avayogi. Saha Yogi, Perfect Almanac (Panchanga) , Total Vimshottari Dasha, Strength of Planets, Strength of All Houses calculated up to D-60, Ashtaka Varga System...Basic Good & Bad Yogas.. Etc... ETC.... Next we will introduce Jaimini system. (Mostly within a week).

Note: It is already done.

4)You can select a question to get answer as a general answer & for a particular period of current & future! IT IS GIVING AMAZING RESULTS FOR MANY CASES & WE HAVE BEEN MODIFYING IT WITH THE HELP OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (VECTOR SUPPORTING MACHINE) SINCE DAY 1 OF IT'S DEVELOPMENT!! I have shown an example below & many more questions will be added soon!

5)The English Numerology is totally implanted in a perfect way if you have faith in it! It gives root number, compound number, Destiny's number & Alterations for alphabets within SECONDS WHICH IS TOTALLY FREE & NOBODY HEREAFTER NEEDS TO GIVE THOUSANDS OF RUPEES TO ENGLISH NUMEROLOGISTS!!


Sh. Panna Lal Patodia ji is the developer of this free web based service & I am giving feed back to develop this wonderful software!!









Do you know these amazing things about free services of EPanditji? (Part-2)

1)The amazing speed of Panna Lal Patodia ji w.r.t. developing speed of a software enabled him to introduce Jaimini Chara Dasha of Sh. K. N. Rao ji's system is already ready! (Infact it was ready 2 days back itself & I am bit late to post it).

2) I have traced a major thing that the vector support machine (artificial intelligence) is not  comfortable with a big rule of the classic "Uttara Kalamrita" . Which says "if a planet is exalted but retro it gives results of debilitation & VV" I have passed this information to Patodia ji & I think he has removed that rule or will remove such rules very soon so that you can get more accurate values related to all houses calculated up to D-60.




As many of you know in predictive astrology there are counter acting rules for almost all rules. Here is a case. It is of former CM Sh. B.S.Yediyurappa. Now let us analyse his dasha of Moon in a positive way 1st & negative sides of same dasha next.


Positive sides:

1)Moon in D-1 is in 12th being 8th lord is a vipareeta Raja Yoga.

2)Moon is having Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga.

3)In D-9 (Navamsha) moon is in own house.

4)In D-10 Moon is in own house. And aspected by 2 benefics.

5)In D-60 Moon is 5th lord & is in a friendly sign & not at all afflicted!

(In D-1,If we place Jupiter in previous house as per retro planet's rule, moon involves in Gaja-Kesari yoga also.

6)Debilitated 3-6-8th lords give the results of Exaltation! AND MANY MORE...

Negative Sides:

1)Moon is lord of a negative house & is in a Negative house.

2)Moon is tainted by Saturn in D-1.

3)Moon is afflicted by Mars in D-9.

4)Moon is in 8th in D-10 & apected by Saturn.

5)In D-60 Moon is in 2nd which behaves like a maraka (Bad) house often.

6)In D-30 Moon is in 2nd & afflicted by 2 1st rate malefics... & Many more.

In a same Way Rahu sub period or Saturn's sub sub periods can also be analysed for both positive & negative sides. He is a Powerful MP, Has very good grip in BJP & Central Govt. Has Good money & properties also! But yesterday high court gave some order which is really irritating subject for him as Moon is the significator of mind! So we asked about his mental condition with EPanditji for the current period up to 3 levels of Vimshottari Dasha (Mainly) & it gave result like the above post! I hope my experience (Supported by experience of many other top astrologers like Sh. K.N.Rao ji...etc.) & feed back will enable Panna Lal Patodia ji to develop the use of Vector Support Machine (Artificial Intelligence) related to astrological software will soon be able to ascertain few key rules in astrology!

WARNING>Many charts like this charts are verified charts for many years up to a micro but most powerful boundary/divisional chart well known as D-60 or Shastiamsha or 1/60th part of the basic chart/Rashi Kundli or D-1. EPandit ji calculates up to D-60 to give answers to questions. So D-60 should be a rectified one to get more accurate answers. Your feedback, suggestions are most valuable things for us!



More amazing things about EPanditji:


1)As per Sh.K.N.Rao ji's research in all divisional charts Ketu is placed in 7th from Rahu.

2)Match making system in a different way! Still we are modifying it & soon Jaimini system's matching will also be added which I have learnt from Sh. K.N.Rao ji.(Like attraction of Darakarakas & we are trying to allot values for such things).

3)We are introducing Articles sections & just for the sake of trial one of my old article has been added today related to Nadis.
We invite senior astrologers to write articles. We will publish all good articles. All these things along with predictions are really for free of cost!
Believe it or not, this website has reached a top position as far as rank is concerned & it has achieved a position from many other famous websites which are present from last 4-5 years to 10 years also!!!






This is the first web site in the world wherein we have created Digital Panditji who is providing Expert Astrological services like a human expert Astrologer. It can serve hundreds of users simultaneously. Our Astrological Services are based on around 25 years of research in Vedic Astrology. We provide highest quality astrology services based on thorough research.

We are using principles of Maharishi Parasara and other great sages (maharishis) to generate horoscopes. We apply the same principles while answering your questions. Epandiji has no responsibility for any action taken by you based on the astrological services provided by this web site. The use of this web site is solely at the user's risk. Astrological services are provided with the understanding that Epanditji or any other person associated with this web site are not responsible for any loss or damage occurring to anybody from any suggestion, answer, prediction, Yantra, Mantra etc. provided by this web site or our team of astrologers.

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