Akshaya Triteeya, The truths and Myths

Shankar Hegde

It is a festival day celebrated by both Hindus and Jains. As per Hindu calendar, 3rd Lunar day of bright half of Hindu month of Vaishakha will be celebrated as this festival. As per beliefs it is a best muhurtha (electional astrology) day to start any major thing or to purchase costly things. This will be concluded at the end.

Jains celebrate this festival as the 1st day of consuming food. As per their belief their 1st Teerthankar, Sh. Rishabha Deva got sugarcane juice as food on this auspicious day after a “Tapasya” in a thick forest. So many Jains drink sugarcane juice on this day. “Logically this seems very good as sugarcane juice is good for liver and even for jaundice”. (They should not have blood sugar problem). Since Akshaya Triteeya comes between April and May months when summer will be going on in India and nearby countries, the sugarcane juice is good for health. We can’t give high importance to this day astronomically as astronomy (now a day’s celestial mechanics) hardly discusses predictive astrology. Sun usually remains in the sign of exaltation. Venus can be in the sign of exaltation or in own house sometimes and Mercury can occupy the sign of debilitation. But we can’t justify anything as Hindu calendar has extra month after certain years. (Adhika Maasa etc).

Hindu Mythological stories or beliefs:

1) Lord Parashurama the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born on this day.

2) The holy river Ganga (Ganges) entered the earth on this day from Kailasa the living place of Lord Shiva and many north Indians take holy bath in river Ganga.

3) On this same day Lord Kubera got the boon of becoming richest person of this entire creation/Universe. This has well manipulated by some modern merchants and even this day is called as “gold mania day” as many indians rush to purchase gold on this day. This is recent development.

4) By giving various materials as donation/alms on this day we can get rid of many sins and problems. For example students can donate milk or curds rice to get rid of their problems related to studies. By giving fruits as charity one can have prosperity in profession etc.

5) Few people near Haryana north India go out to plough on this day. While going out they try to judge the rain, grains and whether etc. by looking at the omens indicated by birds and animals! But some elderly farmers of Haryana and near by states should reveal what kind of omens shown by animals and birds indicate what as it is not known to many and I consider nature as the best Mundane Astrologer!


Akshaya Triteeya is considered as one of the 3 and half best auspicious days related to Muhurtha or electional astrology to start anything without consulting any astrologer or even not looking at the almanac. But in my humble experience I did not find it accurate. This year (on 21-4-2015) the festival will be celebrated on Tuesday which is a bad week day as per Muhurtha to start anything. In our birth chart if Dasha scheme and transits are negative Muhurtha can’t help you more than 5% also. If Amatya Karaka falls in a negative place as per few Jaimini dashas, you can’t expect your profession and money matters giving you very good results if you start few things on this day named as Akshaya Triteeya. (Same thing holds good for Vijaya Dashami, Yugadi and Rama Navami also).

The team of www.EPanditji.in has developed solid parameters related to Muhurthas and will be introduced to the public soon. As per many classics During “Kranti Samaya” (The exact declination of longitudes of Sun and any other planet) is highly negative for any muhurtha! But calculating exact Kranti Samaya manually, without the help of a computer and software is almost next to impossible. So now a days many astrologers simply look at taarabala (whether favourable of the day’s star is present or not) and select the Abhijit Muhurtha. I will discuss about all these things in future. The algorithms developed by team of www.EPanditji.in shows Karka (Cancer) Lagna / Ascendant as the best Lagna for 21-April-2015 with explanations related to both positive and negative things.

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