Rare predictive methods & Case studies

Rare predictive methods & Case studies


Shankar G Hegde

Case No 6:


Male, 22 Mar 1963, 14:13, Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal.
His married life is broken & ended in divorce. Discuss about it. Try to predict his profession & money matters.

Result of Case Study 6:

First of all thanks to all the participants.
He is a television anchor and news reader.


Tips: Apart from 2nd and 10th houses, 11th house also shows source of income. Change the time of birth as 14:10:30, you will find Venus connected to 11th house in D-1 and D-10. In D-60, Venus becomes the 10th lord.

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Answers by Participants
10 lord mars show profession look like aggressive type police army security forces or surgeon doctor 1@army police security type job 2@doctor 3@astrologer money matters lots of ups and downs.
- saadat ali
In D-1, if we start with the significator of marriage, Venus, we can see that is in a close conjunction with a strong Saturn while being in opposition to a debilitated Mars and also being in the RKA. The ruler of the 7th house, Saturn, is under the affliction of debilitated Mars and in the RKA. The 7th house is aspected by debilitated Mars, it is also under the influence of the RKA (Ketu in the 7th is notable), Saturn is placed in the 7th house also.
- Roberto Velicaz
Another important point being the Moon in MB placed in the 7th house. Saturn is also the ruler of the 8th house and placed in the 7th. Cancer lagnas can have problems in marriage. To further confirm we can look at the D-9 and D-60 charts, it is notable that both Saturn and Mars aspect or rule the 7th in these charts. One further point we can note using the chara karakas, is that GK, Sun is conjunct DK, Jupiter.
- Roberto Velicaz
The marriage is broken because of self made mistake from both sides because in the ascendent the debilitated mars with rahu is indicating extra marital affairs and is in RA/KE axis.In d-9 the 7th lord venus is debilitated in virgo with sun.The native is has inherited property as 2nd lord sun in 9th with jupiter and the native is in the business of insurance,mass transport,vehicle business because of SA/VE combination in most of the div charts.
Marriage happen around 29... After 40 Marriage separated due to 7th & 9th house positions… He is quite social & highly passionate about everything. Profession related to Gold or Gem or Things underground... Jupiter dasa huge success in money matters… but his 7th 8th & 9th house planetary alignments he is good @ occult or arts subjects, so he may be a Priest or Astrologer. Thanks…
Ak is combust nd in 8th house in d9 n d1, 7 rashi aspected by deblited mars n sat , 7 h is totally in neg influence karak venus also afflicted with rahu ketu sat n deb mars. Sat n moon conjunction in 7 th h shows remarriage n married life plm divorce. From Karkamsha lagna mithuna 6th house is aspected by sat mars rahu ketu Dk. jup which is also 7 lord from KL is combust but its own sign but with GK( divorce) . D9 7 h again afflicted by mars and sat Gk sun with 7 lord venus. Struggling life.
- Ashish Bhardwaj
Respected Sir It is requested to Please publish the chart (Rasi and Navamsa) of native for quick reception / clue alongwith the birth details of a case study. Your case studies are really very effective for practicing the astrological principles learnt in due course. Regards
- arun mishra
Profession related to teaching or preaching. Seems a very spiritual person and a very rich person.
- Saurabh
Career seems to be connected to police/army/navy. Other options may include land/property. There seems also to be a strong water element connection so maybe something to do with liquids of some sort. Money matters are connected to father.
- Roberto Velicaz

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