Importance of Nakshatras in Predictive Astrology (Part 1)

Shankar Hegde

During the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata mostly there were no proper uses of Dashas in predictive astrology. Transits of planets in different Nakshatras / Stars were used to predict the events. Nakshatras are extremely important to select a good period or muhurtha. Tarabala or favour of the day’s star has a very important role in muhurthas. If the day’s star is Pushya on a Thursday it leads to “Amrita Siddhi” yoga which is considered as highly auspicious. For coronation ceremony of Rama, star Pushya was selected. We can see some shlokas in Mahabharata related to stars during the starting time of 1st world war. In fact it was the 1st world war!!.

There are many shlokas in Bheeshma Parva 3rd chapter and I am selecting few to illustrate.

“DhoomaKetur Mahaaghoraha Pushyam Chaakramya Tishtati| Seneyor ashivam Ghoram Karishyati Mahagrah||” This is shloka number 13 which explains, There was a comet transiting in star Pushya which could totally harm both the armies and eventually it happened at the end.

Shl-14 to 16: Mars was retrograde and was transiting over star Magha. (It is clearly given in Brihat Samhita of great Varaha Mihira that Sign Capricorn was representing old Hindusthan). Magha star is in sign Leo which is 8th house from Capricorn representing mass death. Jupiter was in Shravana. Star Shravana is in the sign Capricorn itself and the best benefic was in debilitation. As per shloka number 14 Saturn was in star Bhaga= Star Uttara Phalguni. But in Virata Parwa it is mentioned that Saturn was transiting over star Rohini. We have to consider that because by using the method, transit of Saturn over Rohini many astrologers like B. Soorya Narayan Rao ji, Hardev ji, B.V.Raman ji and Guru K.N.Rao ji successfully predicted few big wars. The war began in Kartika month. In Kartika month, Sun transits over sign Libra. Many commentators say Sun was transiting over star Swati. Any how the 8th lord from Capricorn was in debilitation that represents souls and Kings. One of the latest great predictions was of our Guru Sh. K.N.Rao ji! He had predicted the date of death of Indira Gandhi ji which varied by just 1 day! For that one of the techniques used by him was transit of Saturn in star Vishkha foe her.

So in next part we will try to understand more about stars, nature, psychology in general of people born under all 27 stars, results of transit of various lords in various stars etc. Though Nakshatra Sookta which propitiates all stars and their Gods starts from star Kritika as the 1st star like Vimshottari Dasha scheme, I will start from Ashwini as we are used to that.

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