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Vaastu Score of Your House / Premises

Question 1 - What is the position of the Main Entrance/Gate?
Question 2 - Where is the Kitchen?
Question 3 - Where is the Master Bedroom?
Question 4 - Where is the Children's Bedroom?
Question 5 - Where is the Guest Room?
Question 6 - Where is the Drawing Room or the Dinning room?
Question 7 - Where is the Pooja Room?
Question 8 - Where are the Toilets or Bathrooms?
Question 9 - Where is the Garage or Servant's Quarters?
Question 10 - In which direction of the plot, the house build in?

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Few Comments
actually there is no pooja room.we have made in kitchen
- shankar
thank you
- chandan
thank u
- vijaya raj

- Bharatha H R
Please advice remedy & we can not contruction if any issue please We are heavy debt loan we working hard but not able to pay off thanks & Regards Rahul
- Rahul Mathur

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