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Panchang for New Delhi, NCT, India

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 Panchang for New Delhi, NCT, India
 City  New Delhi  State and Country  NCT, India
 Latitude  28° 38' 09" N  Longitude  077° 13' 28" E
 Time Zone  5.5 Hours  Daylight Saving Time  0 Hour
 Sunrise  07:05:08  Sunset  17:25:39
 Day Length  10:20:31  Night Length  13:40:07
 Sun Sign  Scorpio (Vrishchika) Moon Sign  Virgo (Kanya) - upto 08:04:43
 Sun Star  Jyeshta
 Paksha  Krishna Paksha
 Tithi  Ekadasi - upto 27:25:37+
 Nakshatra  Chitra - upto 20:58:24
 Yoga  Sobhana - upto 25:05:22+
 First Karna  Bava - upto 14:43:36 Second Karna  Balava - upto 27:25:37+
Exact Timings of Rahu Kala etc.
 Rahu Kala  12:15:24 to 13:32:57 Gulika Kala  10:57:50 to 12:15:24
 Yamaganda Kala  08:22:42 to 09:40:16
 Dur Muhurtam  11:54:42 to 12:36:05
 Varjya  27:03:44+ to 28:48:07+
Auspicious Timings
 Abhijit Muhurta  11:56:00 to 12:34:47 Amrita Kala  14:07:38 to 15:50:20
Day Choghadiya Night Choghadiya
 07:05 to 08:23 Labh - Good 17:26 to 19:08 Udveg - Negative
 08:23 to 09:40 Amrit - Excellent 19:08 to 20:51 Subh - Very Good
 09:40 to 10:58 Kaal - Very Bad 20:51 to 22:33 Amrit - Excellent
 10:58 to 12:15 Subh - Very Good 22:33 to 24:16+ Char - Positive
 12:15 to 13:33 Rog - Bad 24:16+ to 25:58+ Rog - Bad
 13:33 to 14:51 Udveg - Negative 25:58+ to 27:41+ Kaal - Very Bad
 14:51 to 16:08 Char - Positive 27:41+ to 29:23+ Labh - Good
 16:08 to 17:26 Labh - Good 29:23+ to 31:06+ Udveg - Negative
 Time  Result Value  Symbolic Value
 07:05 to 08:23 Labh - Good1 √
 08:23 to 09:40 Amrit - Excellent, Yamaganda Kala0 0
 09:40 to 10:58 Kaal - Very Bad-3 X X X
 10:58 to 11:55 Subh - Very Good, Gulika Kala-1 X
 11:55 to 11:56 Subh - Very Good, Gulika Kala, Dur Muhurtam-4 X X X X
 11:56 to 12:15 Subh - Very Good, Gulika Kala, Abhijit Muhurta, Dur Muhurtam-1 X
 12:15 to 12:35 Rog - Bad, Rahu Kala, Abhijit Muhurta, Dur Muhurtam-4 X X X X
 12:35 to 12:36 Rog - Bad, Rahu Kala, Dur Muhurtam-7 X X X X X X X
 12:36 to 13:33 Rog - Bad, Rahu Kala-4 X X X X
 13:33 to 14:08 Udveg - Negative-1 X
 14:08 to 14:51 Udveg - Negative, Amrita Kala2 √ √
 14:51 to 15:50 Char - Positive, Amrita Kala4 √ √ √ √
 15:50 to 16:08 Char - Positive1 √
 16:08 to 17:26 Labh - Good1 √
 17:26 to 19:08 Udveg - Negative-1 X
 19:08 to 20:51 Subh - Very Good2 √ √
 20:51 to 22:33 Amrit - Excellent3 √ √ √
Good Tarabalam till 20:58:24 for:
Bharani, Rohini, Ardra, Punarvasu, Ashlesha, Purva Phalguni, Hasta, Swati, Vishakha, Jyeshta, Purvasadha, Shravana, Satabhisa, Purvabhadra, Revathi
After that => Good Tarabalam till Next Sunrise for:
Ashwini, Krittika, Mrigsira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Magha, Uttara Phalguni, Chitra, Vishakha, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarasadha, Dhanista, Purvabhadra, Uttarabhadra

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About Panchangam:
For the first time in the world, we are giving Panchang for 1,42,000 cities of the world. You can also enter any city name with latitude and longitude and we shall generate Panchang for the city.

The ending time of Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karna are correct to second (with max error of 1 second). Tithi and Karna time does not depend on Ayanamsa while Nakshatra and Yoga times are based on Lahiri Ayanamsa. Sunrise and Sunset are based on the visibility of the upper limb of the Sun.

As per Sage Varahamihira: "Udayastmanakhyam hi darshnadarshnam Rave" means visibility of Sun's limb is the rising time and complete invisibility is the setting time.

As per authors of Dharmasastras: "Rekhamatrantu Drasyet rashibhischa samanvita. Udayantdwijaneeyat homam kuryat vichhakchana" means when even a portion of the Sun with its rays is visible it is to be considered as Sunrise and at that time Homa should be perfromed.

Additional details like Samavatsar, Saka, Vikram Samvat, Sanskrit Month Name as per Moon and Sun, Rahu Kaala, Gulika Kaala, Yama Ganda Kaala, Dur Muhurtham, Varjya, Chaughadia, Amrit Kala, Ravi Yoga etc. will be given in due course. We are working on it.

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Few Comments
Dob - 05-06-1975 Time- 6.30pm Name- Ashok Kumar Guruji nanna kundndli yalli yavarithi bavishvide tilsi guruji
- Ashok Kariger
Please advise which hora or muhurta is suitable for signing on government related papers.
- Neelabh Mahesh
Mr Jairaj Gupta asked whether we have taken upper limb or central limb for Sunrise and Sunset. We have clearly given: Sunrise and Sunset are based on the visibility of the upper limb of the Sun. As per Sage Varahamihira: "Udayastmanakhyam hi darshnadarshnam Rave" means visibility of limb of the Sun is the rising time and complete invisibility is the setting time.
- Panna Lal Patodia
Mr. Jairaj Gupta has informed that there is no Abhijit Muhurtha on Wednesday. Please note that there is definitely Abhijit Muhurtha even on Wednesday. However, on Wednesday, generally it coincides with Rahu Kala (or Gulika Kala) and Dur Muhurtham depending upon the place. That is why you see the negative value (and in red) for major part of Abhijit Muhurtha on Wednesday. Co-founder, Epanditji.in
- Panna Lal Patodia
What kind of Sunrise and Sunset you have taken? Upper limb or Center limb.
- Jairaj Gupta
You have given the Abhijit Muhurt on 20th May 2015. This is Wednesday and Wednesday have not Abhijit Muhurt. So please rectify your Panchang Muhurt.
- Jairaj Gupta
Appreciate it for helping out, great information. John F
- Johnf518
Pl add a converter from Nazhi to IST (Ghatikas to IST)and vice versa.It will be very useful as still many astrologers use this time format
- N.E.Subhramaniyam
Dear Sir, Namaste, this is a wonderful tool and a great boon to people and man kind in general. The above Muhurtha information is very useful, it would of even greatest help if Muhurtha information is included for early morning before sunrise like Brahmi muhurtha. Regards and Namaste, Srihari
- Srihari
please get me my forecast
- muralidharan.m

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