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Some of the feedbacks received by us:

Some of the feedbacks received by us:


Thank you for this personal mail which gives me an opportunity to congratulate you for being totally committed to astrology and making it research oriented. This initiative and keeping it dynamically responsive to feed back is unmatched in this field of astrology which is having its major practitioners practicing secrecy. I would place this on the level of efforts made by other great exponents like B.V.Raman. I thank you for accepting my feed back and writing to me. I am hoping to be in contact with you.

With warm regards



Providing this tool to the society is a great contribution and very helpful. Remarkable and very awesome job Sankar Hedge ji and team.

CA Umesh Bhat 


Really an unprecedented and admirable attempt

Rajesh Shukla 


"Awesome website of epanditji.....I am really impressed"

Mr. David Nalbadian


Keep up the good work Panna Lal Patodia ji and Shankar Hegde ji.

For the first time we have a best thing for free!!

Dr Ajey Bhat


Wishing the team to be as successful as JHora, especially for divine intentions.

Since its web based, it will not have OS limitations.

Mr. Guru Charan


I deem it an honour primarily to be associated with you & the elite EPanditji.in

Mr. Purushothama Gandlur


Excellent Work Shanker Jee and Panna Lal jee...!!!.. This is a lot of hard work and preparation.

Rajesh Dhingra



Vidit Jain


This is the best website ever developed in history of astrology.

At least since I knew Astro a bit. Kudos to Panna Lal Patodia Sir Ji And great Shankar Hegde sir ji.

Thank you very much.

Saurabh Soni


Very very good job sir

Girish Gowda

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Few Comments
Dear sir, Please let me inform about how to delete and edit data which is saved in your artificial intelligence system. My mistake I have wrongly entered data in the system. Thanks. Regards, Vivek Maharshi. [Epanditji: You can always enter new correct data and use that one for generating charts, answer etc. Right now, the facility of editing and deleting is not there. We shall provide this facility by this month end.]
- Vivek Maharshi
Hi Saurabh soni, I read your articles and found it very helpful, your explanations and logics give a different angle to astro science. I would be glad, if you can you provide me your email address. I would like to discuss my personal issues with you and need your assistance or guidance.- Thx Regards, Anand
- Anand
Sir, You have provided the facity to generate so many charts like D1-D1800. But, how to understand it (example: D-1800 Pranamsa) and read them, for a normal end user. And what it signifies. thank you for your time.
- Satish
Wonderful and excellent in all aspects but I will be more glad if you introduce the following: 1) details of the effects of the position of planets as per my personal horoscope. 2) personal palm reading in details after uploading personal palms. 3) Also need to know when the auspicious yogas are being created as per my personal horoscope.
- annu
Please provide Gem Stones advice as per our birth chart along with justifying information, saying why proposed gem stone to be selected and its effects. Because Many astrologers have their own methodologies for proposing gem stones, some says on the basis of yogakaraka planets or Not only Yogakaraka planets but also analysising positions. Since, eventhoug yogakaraka planets in bad position, may not expect good results hence, how to analyse which gem is best for us?? Namaskara. kindly Advice.
- Satish
Dear Sir, Could you please provide remedies for All Type of Naga Doshas, From long time, I did not get an opportunity to find answer for specific remedy for specific type of nagadosha that mentioned in EPanditji Portal. Hope to get answers. Thank you
- Satish
Dear Sir, What is your advice or opinion regarding Eka Nakshatra (same star). Match making facility in epanditji does not reveal this information anywhere. Can we consider same star with same pada. thank you.
- Satish
while using prasna how do I change place of query? -- Please start the query again (Co-founder Epanditji.in)
Dear Sir, You have provided lots of accurate predictions in epandithji. many thanks for that. Kindly add information about Kuja Dosha, Remedies for Naga Dosha and advice us with separate remedies for each and every dasha-sub dasha for individual horoscopes (ex: which dasha is bad or good for each lagna or rashi and respective remedies. sincere thanks, Satish, Hassan, Karnataka.
- Satish
Dear Sir, Along with Match Making, I would like to request you to introduce, basic level matching like, compatability between starts. So that, by checking basic level stars information, one can decide to proceed further or not. Because, majority of the times, either girl or boy, do not provide Birth Time and Place while sharing horoscopes between girls and boys families. So, if one can know initially which starts are not compatible, can dropped at the beginning itself. Satish, Hassan. TKS
- Satish

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