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Muhurtha for All Events

Muhurtha is considered finding appropriate Day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karna and Masa (called Panchanga Suddhi). However, nobody wants to celebrate any auspicious occasion in Rahu Kala. This shows the importance of avoiding Doshas and including as many benefic Yogas as possible. We compute best Muhurtha for you based on Narada Samhita, Muhurtha Chintamani, Muhurtha Prakash, Muhurtha Martand etc. This takes into account large number of Yogas, Lagna Suddhi, Panchang Suddhi, Tara Bala, Chandra Bala etc. It also takes into account large number of doshas (like Rahu Kala, Gulika Kala, Yama Ganta Kala, Eclipse, Sankranti, Visha Ghati, Mrityu Yoga etc), Additional Marriage Related Dosha (like Latta Dosha, Paata Dosha, Yuti Dosha, Vedha Dosha etc), Additional doshas for Journey Muhurtha and doshas related to House related Muhurtha. In this way, we provide you Muhurtha where doshas are minimised and Benefic Yogas are maximised.

While finding Muhurtha, we take into account 41 positive yogas (Guna) and 61 negative yogas (Dosha). Even if best astrologer computes these yogas manually for a given moment, he / she requires minimum 10 hours (just for one moment). We do these calculations every 10 minutes (144 times in a day) and for one month, 5,760 times. An astrologer requires minimum 57,600 hours (that is 2400 days or 80 months). However, our computer will do the same calculation in less than 10 minutes and gives you best muhurtha.

Charges for Muhurtha
Muhrtha Type Price Sample Muhurtha
Marriage Muhurtha Reports Rs. 1,100/= (Rs. One Thousand One Hundred only) Marriage Muhrtha North
Marriage Muhrtha South
Griha Pravesh Muhurtha Rs. 1,100/= (Rs. One Thousand One Hundred only) Griha Pravesh Muhurtha
Other Muhurtha Rs. 500/= (Rs. Five Hundred only) Shop Opening Muhurtha
General Muhurtha

Please download the sample muhurtha report to understand what type of muhurtha report you are going to get. If you are satisfied with the sample muhurtha report, please send your order by using the following steps.


Step 1: Select Muhurtha Event
Select the Murtha required (Marriage, Griha Pravesh or any other Event)

Step 2: Payment of Charges
Please make payment of Rs. 1,100/= or Rs. 500/= (based on the Muhurtha Event) in the following account:
Account Name: Epanditji.in
Account Number: 2613 2010 00333 (Current Account)
Bank: Canara Bank
Branch: Jayanagar, 9th Block, Bangalore 560 041
IFSC: CNRB 000 2613

Step 3: Send Email
Once the payment has made, please send email to sales@epanditji.in giving following details:
(a) Amount Deposited
(b) Your Name
(c) Your Sex: Male / Female
(d) Your Date, Time and Place of Birth
(e) Muhurhta Event
(f) Date Range within that you require Muhurhata. For example, date from 01/06/2015 to 30/06/2015.
Note: Please note that date range should not exceed one month. (g) Hour Range within that you require Muhurhata. For example, morning 10 AM to 5 PM.
(h) Place where Muhurtha Event is going to take place.
(i) Your Mobile Number
Note: Muhurtha Report will be generated in PDF format and will be sent by email.

Very Important: The following muhurtha requires additional details:

(1) Marriage Muhurtha:
    (a) Date, Time and Place of Birth of Male and Female (If available).
    (b) Whether Hari Shayana to be considered or not.
    Note: In Marriage Muhurtha, generally Hari shayana (When Lord Vishnu goes for sleep from Ashada Shukla 11 to Kartika Shukla 11) is avoided. However, In Punjab and certain parts of country this is not observed.

(2) Griha Pravesha Muhurtha: Direction of Door: East, West, North or South.

(3) Journey Muhurtha: Direction of Journey: East, West, North, South, North East, North West, South East, South West.

List of Benefic Yoga Covered in Muhurtha Provided by Us:
  • General:
    1. Siddha Yoga
    2. Amrit Siddhi Yoga
    3. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga
    4. Ananda (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    5. Dhata (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    6. Saumya (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    7. Ketu (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    8. Srivatsa (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    9. Chhatra (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    10. Mitra (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    11. Manas (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    12. Siddhi (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    13. Subha (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    14. Amrita (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    15. Chara (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    16. Susthira (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    17. Pravardhamana (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
    18. Ravi Yoga
    19. Sun in Exaltation
    20. Sun in Mooltrikona and Own House
    21. Moon in Exaltation
    22. Moon in Own House
    23. Mars in Exaltation
    24. Mars in Mooltrikona and Own House
    25. Mars in Own House
    26. Mercury in Exaltation and Own House
    27. Mercury in Own House
    28. Mercury in Debilitation
    29. Jupiter in Exaltation
    30. Jupiter in Mooltrikona and Own House
    31. Jupiter in Own House
    32. Venus in Exaltation
    33. Venus in Mooltrikona and Own House
    34. Venus in Own House
    35. Saturn in Exaltation
    36. Saturn in Mooltrikona and Own House
    37. Saturn in Own House
  • Based on Lagna:
    1. Highly Positive Planets
    2. Positive Planets
  • Based on Moon at Birth Time:
    1. Positive Chandra Bala
    2. Positive Tara Bala
  • Based on Specific Muhurtha:
    1. Good Day
    2. Good Tithi
    3. Good Nakshatra
    4. Good Yoga
    5. Good Chandra Masa
  • House Related:
    1. Good Solar Month
    2. Good Chandra Masa

    List of Dohsa (Negative Yoga) Covered in Muhurtha Provided by Us:
    • General:
      1. Rikta Tithi
      2. Paksha-Randhra Tithi
      3. Tithi Gandanta
      4. Parva Tithi
      5. Sankranti: Punya-Kala
      6. Nakshatra Gandanta
      7. Nakshatra Visha Ghati
      8. Yoga Gandanta
      9. Bhadra (Vishti Karna)
      10. Rahu Kala
      11. Gulika Kala
      12. Yama Ganta Kala
      13. Mrityu Yoga
      14. Kakracha Yoga
      15. Samvartaka Yoga
      16. Dagdha Yoga (Day and Tithi)
      17. Visha Yoga
      18. Hutashana Yoga
      19. Dagdha Yoga (Day and Nakshatra)
      20. Yamaghanta Yoga
      21. Madhu Sarpisha Yoga
      22. Masa Soonya Tithi
      23. Masa Soonya Nakshatra
      24. Tithi Soonya Nakshatra
      25. Tithi Soonya Lagna
      26. Kaaldanda (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      27. Dhumra (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      28. Dhwansha (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      29. Vajra (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      30. Mudgara (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      31. Padma (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      32. Lumba (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      33. Utpaata (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      34. Mrityu (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      35. Kaana (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      36. Mushala (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      37. Gada (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      38. Matanga (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      39. Raksha (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
      40. Masa Soonya Rashis
      41. Adal Yoga
      42. Vidal Yoga
      43. Solar Eclipse
      44. Lunar Eclipse
      45. Eclipse Nakshatra
      46. Eclipse Three Days
      47. Adhika Masa
      48. Sun Jupiter Combustion
      49. Sun Venus Combustion
      50. Sunday
      51. Tuesday
      52. Saturday
      53. Sun in Debilitation
      54. Moon in Debilitation
      55. Mars in Debilitation
      56. Mercury in Debilitation
      57. Jupiter in Debilitation
      58. Venus in Debilitation
      59. Saturn in Debilitation
      60. Bad Chandra Masa
      61. Bad Tithi
    • Based on Lagna:
      1. Highly Negative Planets
      2. Negative Planets
    • Based on Moon at Birth Time:
      1. Negative Chandra Bala
      2. Negative Tara Bala
    • For Marriage:
      1. Hari Shayana
      2. Latta Dosha
      3. Paata Dosha
      4. Yuti Dosha
      5. Vedha Dosha
      6. Panchaka (Banna) Dosha
      7. Ekargala (Kharjura) Dosha
      8. Upagraha Dosha
      9. Kranti-Samya Dosha
      10. Dagdha Tithi Dosha
      11. Ardha Yama Dosha
      12. Kulika Dosha
      13. Kartari Dosha
      14. Khara Masa
    • For Journey:
      1. Nakshatra Shoola
      2. Vaar/Kaala Shoola
      3. Yogini Dosha for Journey
      4. Chandra Dosha for Journey
      5. Lagna Dosha for Journey
      6. Lalatika Dosha for Journey
      7. South: Mars in 10th house
      8. South West: Rahu in 8th or 9th house
      9. West: Saturn in 7th house
      10. North West: Moon in 5th or 6th house
      11. North: Mercury in 4th house
      12. North East: Jupiter in 2nd or 3rd house
    • House Related:
      1. Earth Sleeping
      2. Bad Solar Month
      3. Bad Chandra Masa
      4. Jupiter in Simha Rasi
      5. Jupiter in Makara Rasi
      6. Sun in Meena Rasi

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