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Horoscope with Guide and Prediction for 10 years

Horoscope with Astrology Guide and Prediction for next 10 years will be generated and sent to you through email. Please check the sample horoscopes given below:

Horoscope Details Approximate Pages Price Sample Horoscope Sample Horoscope
Horoscope with Guide and Weekly Prediction for 10 years 220 pages Rs. 1,000/= (Rs. One Thousand only) North Indian South Indian
Horoscope with Guide and Fortnightly Prediction for 10 years 130 pages Rs. 800/= (Rs. Eight Hundred only) North Indian South Indian
Horoscope with Guide and Monthly Prediction for 10 years 90 pages Rs. 600/= (Rs. Six Hundred only) North Indian South Indian

Please download the sample horoscope to understand what type of horoscope you are going to get. Please see Page 45 to 47 for "Life Prediction", Page 47 to 52 for "Astrology Guide" and Page 52 onwards for "Periodic Prediction Guide" to view the predictions given by us.

o       Astrology Guide: Astrology Guide tells you which planets and how they are impacting your health, wealth, profession, character and personality etc. At the end, it gives summary where it lists all the negative planets and remedial measures require for these planets. Thus Astrology Guide is an invaluable tool for you. The astrology guide is given for the following characteristics:

1.      Character and Personality

2.      Health

3.      Wealth

4.      Younger Brothers and Sisters

5.      Education

6.      Property

7.      Conveyance (Vehicles)

8.      Mother

9.      General Happiness

10.  Children

11.  Success and Intelligence

12.  Married Life

13.  Business Partnership

14.  Prosperity

15.  Father

16.  Employment

17.  Profession

18.  Friends

19.  Elder Brothers and Sisters

20.  Spiritual Life

If you are satisfied with the sample horoscope, please send your order by using the following steps.


Step 1: Selection of Horoscope
Select the Horoscope as per your requirement based on weekly, fortnightly or monthly prediction required.

Step 2: Payment of Charges
Please make payment of Rs. 1,000/= or Rs. 800/= or Rs. 600/=(based on the horoscope selected by you) in the following account:
Account Name: Epanditji.in
Account Number: 2613 2010 00333 (Current Account)
Bank: Canara Bank
Branch: Jayanagar, 9th Block, Bangalore 560 041
IFSC: CNRB 000 2613

Step 3: Send Email
Once the payment has made, please send email to sales@epanditji.in giving following details:
(a) Amount Deposited
(b) Your Name
(c) Your Sex: Male / Female
(d) Your Date, Time and Place of Birth
(e) Chart Style: North Indian / South Indian
(f) Prediction for 10 year: Give date from which you require prediction
(g) Your Mobile Number

Note: Horoscope will be generated in PDF format and will be sent by email.

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Few Comments
please focus on career and spirituality
- mamta
i would like to order thoroscope with Guide and Fortnightly Prediction for 10 yearse report sdvive i send the money by bank account or Union ban
- luigi antonio piu
nouthing is good in life after 35 year no sucess at any field.but only one hope can u help me Pandit ji Dob 17-03-1980 7:15 am Ramgarh Shekhawati near churu dist in rajasthan. Note from Epanditji: Chant "Om Namah Shivay", things will change soon. We are all ordinary human being like you. So, we cannot help but God will help provided you have full faith in God.
- Dinesh
Horoscope with Guide and Monthly Prediction for 10 years
- luigi antonio piu
need two oroscope for 10 year whit weeky prediction one for me one for my son and i need jupiter transti 2015 till 2016 advice
- luigi antonio piu
Thank you
- Tika

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